Before the internet, cell phones, and social media, event promoters and race tracks had to rely on printed media, be it motorsports publications, local newspapers, or the ever-popular poster. Seldom seen today, but a staple in advertising everything from circuses to horse shows, drag strip operators quickly caught on to strategically placing posters advertising their attractions in store windows, on telephone poles, or pretty much anywhere else that they could staple, tape, or nail them up.

Normally printed on heavy cardboard using silkscreen or offset press techniques, they typified the era’s most prominent form of advertising. Depending upon the common paper stock sizes of the time, these items varied in sizes that are not common today.

Many of our duplications are resized due to current printing industry size standards and ease of available frame dimensions. We continue to seek out never-before-reproduced icons of the past, many of which were never available before. We also offer our own, original works of art, faithfully created by our amazing designer (Dino) to truly capture the essence of high-performance, automotive Americana.

We welcome all submissions for consideration of reproduction. We also offer custom art using the same talent and technology to create the perfect printed material for your team, business, or event. Just follow the link below to ask about our custom design services.

Custom Services

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Showing 1–16 of 26 results