In the glory days of drag racing (The 1950’s through the 1970’s), hot-rodders and drag racers posted speed equipment decals on their cars to show off the high performance parts with which they had modified their machines. Everything, from shifters, cams, crankshafts, pistons, carburetors, and gauges, told the viewer that the vehicle had been modified. However, the most valued were the “Class Winner” decals, signifying how their machines rose above all others after rounds and rounds of competition at the track; a true mark of accomplishment…

Before silk-screened vinyl “sticker” production methods, the common material was the waterslide, a corn-starch-based cellophane applied inside or outside of a car’s window. They were mostly applied inside, as they would weather off if placed outside. Longevity was not one of a waterslide decal’s high points. Those delicate decals became brittle with age along with failed adhesive and fading color from sun exposure.

At, we occasionally find original waterslide decals. Due to their age, extreme care must be taken during application. Our professional designer (Dino) works tirelessly to recreate these relics with accuracy and precision while taking into account the finest of details and ensuring the most accurate representation of original decals available on the market.

Most of our recreations are produced with newer, more precise technology. Using the highest industry standard available, our decals are printed on 3M 180 High Performance automotive vinyl. After printing, each decal is then laminated with quality UV Coating protection, providing long-lasting color as well as a long lifespan regardless of exposure to the elements.

We welcome any and all submissions of decal relics of the past to replicate your original (especially long lost drag strip items). We make a fervent effort to take care of your original decal while it is in our possession and will send it back immediately in the condition received as well as some freebies if we decide to reproduce your submission.

Keep your machine period-correct using only the best in reproduction decals by ordering today.

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Showing 1–16 of 85 results